Sprinkler Magician and their Incredible Mosquito Control!

The BEST mosquito repellent and mequito control

Sprinkler Magician developed Sprinkler Magician (the mosquito control system) and Mosquito Magician (the all natural mosquito repellent) in order to give home owners a way to "take back their yard!" from the mosquitos and other biting pests  ... a problem that is quickly growing to include all corners of the planet!

Mosquitos aren't just an annoying nuisance, they are the #1 most dangerous animal/insect in the world responsible for over 725,000 deaths a year because some species carry DEADLY viruses such as malaria, the Zika virus, dengue fever and other viruses like Chikungunya and the West Nile virus!

Sprinkler Magician/Mosquito Magician and Mosquito Magician of Memphis are committed to helping homeowners and businesses respond to this threat with a solution that is natural, effective and 100% safe for adults, children, pets AND the environment!

We were fortunate to achieve that goal with the help of Sprinkler Magician founder and CEO, Peter Olt.

Among his many talents, Peter Olt is also an electrical engineer who has run his own company for over 24 years, both in New Zealand and the U.S. His company invents new products and brings them to the market, either on their own or in collaborative arrangements with others. As a Florida resident, Peter quickly learned how bad the mosquito problem was, and began his search for an effective solution.

He was initially unsuccessful in his search, so he went on to develop a prototype system – now known as Sprinkler Magician. The system is fully automatic and highly effective in both eliminating and repelling mosquitoes.

Then, with the help of a team of organic chemists, he created the all-natural essential oil mosquito repellent, Mosquito Magician, that eliminates both mature and larvae mosquitoes at their source and continues to REPEL mosquitos for up to 2 weeks.

Peter is both proud and excited to help homeowners protect their families, take back their yard and live mosquito free!

Mosquito Magician of Memphis: Helping Memphis Get Rid of Mosquitos!

Mosquito Magician of Memphis is owned by Joe Moscon, a Memphis irrigation contractor with years of irrigation and outdoor lighting experience for Smart Water Irrigation and Lighting since 1990. The minute Joe learned about the effectiveness of the Mosquito Magician repellent and how easily the Sprinkler Magician mosquito control system could be integrated with existing sprinkler and irrigation systems, with the added value of including fertilization in the whole process, he knew the Sprinkler/Mosquito Magician products would not only be a great add-on for his irrigation customers, as well as a great stand alone product offering for the Memphis, TN area.

If you're looking for an all natural mosquito repellent to help get rid of mosquitos, you simply can't do any better than Mosquito Magician ... it's the BEST mosquito repellent on the market today!

And if you're looking for the easiest way to treat your property, you can't find anything better than Sprinkler Magician control systems or our combo packs!

So contact or call Mosquito Magician of Memphis at 901-937-0817 and Take Your Yard BACK!!!

Page Summary: Mosquito Magician offers mosquito repellent outdoor, mosquito yard treatment, get rid of mosquitos and keep mosquitoes away. Products and services such as best mosquito repellent for yard, best mosquito killer, mosquito yard control as well as natural mosquito control are also part of the scope of our business. We also specialize in mosquito mister, mosquito protection in Cordova, Collierville, Olive Branch as well as West Memphis. Other areas we serve include Forrest City, Memphis, Southaven and Germantown. We also service Horn Lake, Hernando and beyond.

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